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To People Who Want To Do Yoga But Haven't Started

Located in East Victoria Park, Perth

  • Experience yoga in a small group setting with no judgement...including yourself... 
  • We can best the worst judge of ourselves. Yoga will help you learn to not listen to those negative thoughts
  • How do you know what level of yoga you are at until you try the pose yourself. I want to inspire all yogis to help showcase what is possible with all body types, ages and genders
  • In my class I play fun upbeat music to distract your busy mind from your thoughts and to start feeling your body move
  • PLUS: Yoga is a moving meditation which benefits the mind body and soul but in my class you get a bit extra because I encourage you to smile, to sing, to laugh, to enjoy! 
YOGi Hunter
"This free class will allow you to experience my MUSIC + YOGA class in a comfortable setting, I want all my students to feel awesome in my yoga space because I understand once you relax your mind, your body will be able to start moving more fluidly."

- YOGi Kim, I am the YOGi HUNTER
Welcome to Australia's First Yoga Tent Studio

I wanted to create a unique magical space for people to do yoga in! It's a beautiful escape when you step into the tent because you are still in a city but feel like you are miles away. 

There are a couple of reasons why I go to Kim’s classes. The first big draw card for me was the class size. I am not the most coordinated person in the world and the thought of being in a big studio with hardcore yogi’s put me off trying yoga in the first place. Kim’s classes are small and intimate which means if I fall over I don’t worry about 20 people seeing me. 

The second reason is Kim. Her happiness and love for yoga are infectious. She is honest about most things in life which is incredibly refreshing. I do her morning classes which always puts me in a good mood for the day.

I love Kim's class because it makes me sweat! 

And has awesome tunes :) ⠀

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